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    Download NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P9tuSAC&l=en-US
    How do I download, upgrade, or downgrade NI's Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)? I need to use it with my hardware or the version I have is corrupted.

    How to Generate a MP500 License Context File https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wyq8CAA&l=en-US
    I order to add option to my MP500 the NI NFC support team asked me a mprac file. Where can I find it?

    "The Object is No Longer Valid" Error Occurs When Calculate in the DIAdem Analysis Tab https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wyq3CAA&l=en-US
    I am using DIAdem 2017 on Windows10. However, no matter what operation is performed in the Analysis tab, the error "The object is no longer valid" occurs.

    How to Deploy Images to cRIO From a Remote Location https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wynxCAA&l=en-US
    I would like to deploy images to cRIO controllers that are in a remote location, without having to send out a technician on site with a laptop. Can this be done remotely?

    File I/O Operations on UFF58b Files in NI LabVIEW https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wxjQCAQ&l=en-US
    I'm using UFF58b (Universal File Format) files in my application. How can I perform I/O operations on these files usingNI LabVIEW ?

    Opening a TestStand XML Report in Excel or Word 2007 https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019LTBSA2&l=en-US
    I am using TestStand's XML report format and I want to view my reports in Excel or Word 2007.When I try to open the XML report, I get an error regarding security settings.Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the ...

    How to Call TestStand LabVIEWAdapter Properties/Methods From the LabVIEW Enviroment? https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wya0CAA&l=en-US
    How to call the method "LabVIEWAdapter.SetClusterMemberLabel (typeDefinition, propertyLookupString, clusterMemberLabel)" from the LabVIEW enviroment?

    Can I Use the NI-HWS VIs in LabVIEW 64-Bit? https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000001DmHGCA0&l=en-US
    I have been usingHierarchical Waveform Storage (HWS) files to log data from my Modular Instruments (NI-SCOPE, NI-FGEN etc)LabVIEW 32-bit. I recently migrated to LabVIEW 64-bit and the VIs that use the ...

    Connect Multiple DAQ Devices to a DELL Station https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wylXCAQ&l=en-US
    Can I connect multiple DAQ devices to a docking DELL station and make simultaneous acquisitions?

    Self-Calibration Failing on RFSA https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000wx5pCAA&l=en-US
    When running IF Flatness self calibration on an RFSA device, the self calibration is failing. However If I run the Self-Calibration after (with IF Flatness disabled) the device will pass.